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Much has been written about anti-Asian racism lately. If you are a person of Eastern Asian background or share the physical attributes, there is a good chance that you have been subjected to racist treatment in the past year or know someone who has experienced the disdain and degradation.

But seldom do we mention the more subtle type of racism that is just as prevalent as the in-your-face aggressions. While this class of racism may appear relatively “soft” in comparison to being physically assaulted with a hammer in NYC or other egregious practices of systemic anti-Asian racism in the past…

In The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge, the French philosopher Jean-François Lyotard separates scientific knowledge from what he calls the “narratives,” which, when “judged by the yardstick of science, the majority of them prove to be fables.” In so distinguishing, he concedes not only that the former does not constitute the totality of all forms of knowledge, but also that it does not fare well when in competition vis-à-vis the latter.

Four decades later, there is a chilling resonance to Lyotard’s observation.

We saw this struggle between verifiable facts versus the smaller “narratives” play out during the U.S. presidential…

The Chinese government’s attempt to reframe the war as a struggle against American imperialism is both overly simplistic and a gross mischaracterization of what actually transpired

Pyeng Hwa Kang, Special to National Post

In his recent speech commemorating the 70th anniversary of his country’s involvement in the Korean War, Chinese President Xi Jinping touted China’s resolve against the “imperialist invaders.”

The “imperialist invaders,” whom President Xi charged with having “fired upon the doorstep of a new China,” refers to the United Nations forces who were sent in to support South Korea during the 1950 North Korean invasion and fought in…

Like for many others during this public health crisis, outdoor walking has replaced my other pre-outbreak activities. In fact, nowadays it is the only available exercise where we can all take a breath of fresh air and escape the inherently reductionist entrapment. And so last week, like any other days, I was taking my daily walk near downtown Montreal when I came across this elderly white lady walking her dog who suddenly shouted at me: “Oh YOU stay away!”

Perplexed and dismayed, I asked her still respectfully, “Ma’am, is there a problem?”

“Do not come near me, just go away”…

Dr. Pyeng Hwa Kang

Ph.D. | Student of communities & identities | I write about politics, history, philosophy, and race | You can find me on twitter @Vibrating_Sheep

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